ROBOTS are the workforce of the future and at EjaadTech we are always involved in one robotics project or another, we have made lots of different robots, robots to help in academic research work to robots that help in extreme situations of calamities and security threats.

We have extensive experience in designing and developing robotics platforms for specific needs and requirements of our customers and clients. We also take pride in developing robots indigenously and utilizing any and all resources which are available within Pakistan, if not, we try to find a solution or Ejaad a solution t ourselves. Our robots can be used for a multitude of situations and scenarios where either a human life faces risk of harm or where the size and other constraints limit reach and accessibility. If designed properly Robots also can handle a task without getting tired or bored and without bias and loss in quality of work.

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We have worked on robots of varying sizes and forms, we have designed robots for fire fighting scenarios, surveillance bots and drones, security robots with grippers, onboard camera systems, environmental and bio-sensors and more. Our robots work over wireless links, wired harnesses and as needed in extreme weather conditions as well.

We have worked on academic research based robots and robotic platforms which are comparable in features to their more expensive counterparts, while being much more customizable and controllable. We developed APIs and tools which can work with majority of the software used in the academia, like MATLAB, LabView, Mathematica, etc. Our robots are also completely programmable from the ground up and support a multitude of languages, C, C++, Python, C# Java, etc.

Get in touch with us for a working demo or a consultation to find out how our Robotic Ejaads can help you in increasing security, productivity and efficiency. Drop us a line at robotics[at]ejaadtech[dot]com or fill in the below form and one of our robot-engineers will be in touch with you.