Ejaad Pakistan

Ejaad Pakistan is an initiative of EjaadTech to bring about and foster a culture of MAKERS and PROBLEM SOLVERs in our country. Starting form Karachi, but we have already touched quite a few far away corners of the country with our little Ejaads and Jugnus.

Ejaad Pakistan wishes to have an ecosystem which enables innovation and creativity and tinkering and not just among the engineering students nor just at the University level, but from school age, inspiring kids and adults both about how they can solve their own problems and make life easier, just by a little bit of effort in learning creative skills and knowing more about STEAM topics and with a pinch of magical imagination.

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Ejaad Pakistan has several different projects and initiatives under its umbrella which are all working toward the final goal of creating and fostering a MAKER Culture in Pakistan. Our current projects are:

Other than these Ejaad Pakistan is always working with partners and organizations across the country who have similarly aligned goals, who want to foster a MAKER culture and bring to light the subjects of STEAM/STEAM to kids in schools, colleges and universities.