On-Demand Ejaads

Sometimes a problem needs a solution which needs inventing and that is where we come in. If you have a very specific requirement or some insanely complex idea that needs to see the light of day we can EJAAD it.

We have years of experience working with embedded systems and integrated circuits. With our knowledge of Low Power systems, wireless connectivity solutions, monitoring and control system design, sensor networks, alarm systems, cellular integration, and other such solutions we can design and provide turn-key solutions to your problems.

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Some of the works that we have done in the past involved integrating analog and digital sensors to cellular networks with re-programmability and adaptive thresholds. Integrating ultra high energy metering into a battery powered portable device. Designing replacements for highly expensive network based sensor and control nodes.

On-Demand Ejaads can also help you in prototyping and testing your next big hardware product idea, including IOuT (Internet of useful Things) based solutions, we can even help you with the development of online dashboards and server software to work with our hardware.

Get in touch with us for a working demo or a consultation to find out how our On-Demand Ejaads can help you in your next big project. Just give us a call +92-21-34891919 or email us at ondemand[at]ejaadtech[dot]com or fill in the below form and one of our engineers will be in touch with you.