Ejaad Robotics

ROBOTS are the workforce of the future and at EjaadTech we are always involved in one robotics project or another, we have made lots of different robots, robots to help in academic research work to robots that help in extreme situations of calamities and security threats.

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More on Robotics at EjaadTech

Ejaads On-Demand

Sometimes a problem needs a solution which needs inventing and that is where we come in. If you have a very specific requirement or some insanely complex idea that needs to see the light of day we can EJAAD it.

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Find out how we can help you with your EJAADs

Ejaad’s Tajurbagah

Tajurbagah is the place where all the magic is, where Ejaads happen, the place where we work on the coolest tech there is. Our very own Makerspace where we have awesome 3D printers, Pen Plotters, boring 2D printers, CNC Machines, Electronics instruments, Machine tools, WoodWorking tools and much more. Some Most of these things, like our Karigar (3D Printer), we built ourselves.

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Join us at Tajurbagah for a MAKER Event and more!


Ejaad for Pakistan

Ejaad Pakistan is an initiative of EjaadTech to bring about and foster a culture of MAKERS and PROBLEM SOLVERs in our country. Ejaad Pakistan has several different projects and initiatives under its umbrella which are all working toward the final goal of creating and fostering a MAKER Culture in Pakistan. Our current projects are:

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Find out more about our Ejaad for Pakistan Initiatives and how YOU can participate and MAKE a difference.